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Wahlen in der arabischen Welt?

Dienstag, 23.12.2014    

Angry Arab mal wieder, hier als Zeitungskommentar. Leider nur englisch, Übersetzung wäre wohl lohnend.

Yet, Western political hypocrisy was too visible to ignore. Western governments championed, armed, and defended tooth and nail the tyrannical polygamist dynasties of the Gulf and in the regimes of Jordan and Morocco. But the US was quite vigilant in pressing for free elections in countries where the governments are not clients of the US. The US pushed for elections in Iran, but not in Saudi Arabia, in Syria but not in Jordan, etc..
The elections in Algeria in 1991 made the intentions of the West clear. Western governments support free elections only if the results are consistent with Western political and economic interests. When the Algerian military junta cancelled the results of the elections, Western governments rushed to reward the anti-democratic rulers with weapons and financial assistance. And in 2006, after several years of redundant rhetoric by Bush officials about the desirability of free elections for the Palestinians (and the elections were not free as money from the US, UK, and Gulf regimes were pumped into the coffers of Fatah) the Bush administration lobbied the world to disregard the results of the elections, and even engineered (just as in 1953 in Iran) a coup by Mohammed Dahlan to take over power by force (Hamas was smarter, and preempted the coup). ..

So weit mein Ausschnitt .. besser ganz lesen:

Übrigens .. die Ukraine geht analog: Wenn eine demokratisch gewählte Regierung nicht passt, ist das schnell mal viele Milliarden wert, die für den Umsturz ins Land gebracht werden ...